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The Raine & Horne difference

Raine & Horne has been providing professional advice and service about all aspects of real estate since its establishment in 1883.

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For over 130 years, Raine & Horne has had one of the highest nationwide sales turnovers in the industry and enjoyed strong success through peaks and troughs in the market.

Brand recognition
Raine & Horne is a powerful, widely-respected brand associated with experience and quality service. Your property will be noticed by more buyers because of the reach and power of the brand.

Professional agents
To achieve our reputation as a real estate leader, Raine & Horne’s agents receive the benefit of the latest industry training, marketing strategies and selling techniques.

Our website has easy to use resources for buyers, sellers, renters and landlords. With tens of thousands of properties on offer and thousands of individual visitors each day, your property search starts with Raine & Horne.

Our network
Our clients benefit from the flow of referrals and information from Raine & Horne’s extensive network of national and international offices.

Creative selling
When selling property with Raine & Horne, clients can make use of our creative marketing ideas and ability to offer global exposure.

Take time-out to read 10 TOP TIPS from the team at Raine & Horne Mermaid.

1… Before you undergo any redecorating or renovations, invite your chosen local agents to discuss your plans, budget and timeframe. Time and time again we see home sellers make the mistake of overcapitising or choosing colour schemes that dont impress the vast majority of buyers. We are here to help, so don’t forget to ask for some advice.

2… You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Raine & Horne Mermaid Beach have FREE copies for home styling and FREE guides for preparing your home for sale. Take advantage of these booklets and dont forget that our company has been selling Real Estate since 1883. We do know a thing or two!

3… When choosing your agent, ask them about the most important part of their service… Property Marketing! Find out everything you can about print media vs. online, professional photography, colour floor plans and what other marketing avenues they will be using to best represent your property. Raine & Horne Mermaid Beach pride themselves as having partnered with Industry Media and Printforce to deliver world class photography, HDVideos and print services. If you decide not to advertise in the newspaper, then make sure you market your property online properly!

4… Auction? or Private Treaty? Auction driven agents traditionally achieve better prices. Why is this the case and why are their properties sold a lot quicker than others? The secret lies in competition, fear of loss and not having a price objection. 

5… Poorly advertised properties achieve poor results. A fact! Poor inspection numbers lead to longer days on market and little to no offers to work with. If this happens, take your property off the market and call a Raine & Horne Mermaid Beach sales representative immediately.

6… If an agent says “you dont need to advertise”…..kick them straight out the door! Your home or investment property is one of your greatest assets in life – never gamble with your families future. Real estate agents achieving record prices for homes in your area is no accident! They are true real estate marketing consultants using the same tools better than their competitors.

7… The longer you are on the market, buyers start to ask “whats wrong with the property?” rather than “whats right with it?”. Check your price and check your agent’s advertising. If no contract offers have been presented in 60 days, there must be something wrong. Find out what it is!

8… When actively selling your property your agent deals with many buyers. Roughly 95% of them are bargain hunters and 5% are the “must have” purchaser. These purchasers are emotionally more engaged and tend to pay more for a property. Ask your agent how they intend to find and recognise those buyers!

9… Buyers are always below you in price, never above you. If listing at a set price make sure it is not too high. Your perfect “must have” buyer simply WILL NOT inspect! No such thing as testing the market. You can end up getting much less than what it’s really worth. Remember “you never get a second chance at a good first impression”, same for your pricing strategy. Again, marketing without a price achieves much better results as you have the entire market running at you.

10… Your property is now on the market. Constantly look at what other properties around you are selling for and in most situations, try and inspect yourself!

Thanks for taking the time to read R&H’s TEN TOP TIPS for home sellers. For any further information or you would like an estimated selling price in todays market, please contact or phone your local Raine and Horne sales consultant today.